On Podcasting

Podcasting is booming. If you may have decided to jump into the pool to create meaningful content to share with your community–congratulations.
I think podcasting trumps radio right now. Gone is the sounds of the city. Authenticity is gone. The truth has been replaced by reality show antics and immature subject matter.

You are making a difference. You may have found out that making a good podcast includes more than good content. You need to give your audience good audio. You need smooth transitions. You need a routine. You need consistency. Putting together a great show requires editing. Editing takes time. If you prefer not to do it, consider my services.

Time is money. Spend your valuable time promoting your podcast, not editing it. I make your show sound great. Depending on the level of editing you want, I can make you and your guest sound better by removing, audio glitches like mouth ticks, clicks, excessive ahhhs, breaths and things that make you sound unprofessional. Are you trying to keep your podcast family friendly so that it can be shared in more places around the world? I have help clean up the profanity from the occasional “F-Bomb” dropped by a guest. I can make it sound natural or just uniform for your style. It’s your baby. I work with you to help it grow.

I can take it to the next level too. After the editing I can place your produced show in the hosting account for distribution for you.

These services apply to anyone interested in working with me.

I love this stuff. Call or email me today to discuss what you want and how we can work together.