About Us


  • 12 years’ experience in podcasting
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Podcast Editor
  • Narration and voice over talent
  • Write and research topics for show
  • Interview, and elicit information
  • Passionate and enthusiastic worker
  • Protector and confidant

Podcast Solutions

The love of podcasting inspired me create this company in December 2018 after thirteen years of helping others, and podcasting.  Located near the Chesapeake Bay, in Maryland, I decided to go all in and:

be available for small business owners to utilize the power of podcasting,

be a consultant for places of worship,

help the do-it-yourselfer save time and money.

I hope to expand to a team of crab loving podcast producing, writers, and content creators like me.

Reverend Kenn Blanchard

Founder & CEO

I’ve had an eclectic career. I worked seventeen years at the CIA. I’ve trained law enforcement in firearms and survival. I have twelve years’ experience as an Intelligence analyst. I worked for two years as a Technical writer. I am a certified facilitator and elicitor. I have several books published in nonfiction and fiction.

Audience engagement is my strength and I’ve spoken on stage with Donald Trump (2014), and Charlton Heston.  I’ve been on television with Rev. Al Sharpton, and in four documentaries.

I’ve spoken at Blogworld, New Media Expo, DC Podfest, Podfest Multi-Media Expo, and Podcast Movement.

I can make your show sound smooth.  I can give you tips that keep your audience coming back.  Let me show you ways to be the best you.